Hello and Welcome, I’m Lady Gwendolyn

Hello and Welcome, I’m Lady Gwendolyn I’m a reader and a Healer. I am here to help you grow into a better version of yourself.

I have been on the journey of Self Discovery my whole life, never feeling like I have ever fit in anywhere. The one thing that stayed consistent was helping others in their lives as well as working as an In-Home Caregiver from the time I turned 17. I have always known I was going to be there to help make others’ lives better, and I have noticed changes every two years as my path shifts. I live by two very important guidelines, Never Give up and Everyone Needs Care.

I know that life changes and struggles are tough and it can drain everything out of you I want to be able to be there for you through the struggles to support you using Tarot, Crystals, Reiki and Access Bars helping you see and create a better future for yourself and using power forms discs to create an energy that you want to feel and bring manifestations into your life.

I have created my own Special way to incorporate All aspects together, however, your session is based on your energy and what your specific needs are. I will walk you through the process to find the Best Way to Create the YOU you aspire to Be.

If you have found me you are ready to begin your new Journey take a deep breath let’s do it together.

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Lady Gwendolyn, an Animist, Norse, Paranormal, Elevationists Witch following an Eclectic path. She is a Spiritual Community Leader, a Hostess of Central WV Pagan Pride, High Priestess of Rowan Temple of Light. Founder of Pagan Day of Prayer (March 25th) and Legal Clergy and Podcaster.

Focusing on herself and creating a new and better person that could step out of the shadows of her past, in 2021 she started #traumaandtarot. Trauma and Tarot uses the cards to look at yourself and know what to focus on so that you can heal from your past and grow into your future.

Today she focuses on helping people along their path, as well as Breaking Generational curses, finding the strength to move forward in their lives toward the better lives they deserve. Through her own struggles and the work she had done to overcome those, she has both the compassion, wisdom, and tools to provide the guidance and support you need as you step into the life you wish to manifest.

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