Bear Sage

Gifted Empath for Love, Life & Work Issues

Straight forward advice given with empathy and compassion to help you through every situation. I do not dodge difficult questions as I guide you toward the answers you seek.

After over 30 years of attuning my empathic abilities to the natural world around me and the spirits that strive to help me on a daily basis, it is my privilege to be able to help others in their journey toward the better life that they seek. My psychic and clairsentient abilities are focused through tarot cards and enhanced through communing with the spirits of the water and forests. Additionally, I am able to provide affirmations, astrology readings, and dream exploration.

I take a very interactive approach to my readings. I start by using tarot cards to establish that connection and then utilize my clairsentient and empathic abilities to provide the answers you desire. My primary focus is to provide you with a reading you can understand and to be open and honest about what the cards and spirit are telling me. I will work with you to help you understand what I’m hearing and how you can use that to positively that affect your life. From tough relationship issues like divorce, breakups, and infidelity, to the more general questions about love and relationships, career, and life path, I am always here to help you.

$3.99 per min