Dottie the Psychic

Unravel The Mysteries of Your Love & Relationships

With an early discovery at age 16 of my gifts, the journey that I have been on has been a wild one. From keeping the power of intuition and clairvoyance an intimate secret to finally daring to give my first paid readings in a small-town bar, and all the way to being a professional psychic today. While reading in a rural bar may not sound glamorous, or like it would be all that exciting, the experiences I had there were truly enlightening of the complexity that we all have inside us. It gave me a deep understanding that wherever we are in life, we are always able to help others, to hear their struggle, and help them in their journey. From those conversations with strangers, sometimes screaming over the noise to be heard, I began to develop my passion for helping people with my gifts. I stop short of saying that I have seen it all, but you will have a hard time shocking me.

Relationships are never easy, they’re not easy to find, navigate, stay in, or get out of, but often what we’re truly missing is the insight into our relationships that lets us know which way we should go. Whether you’re trying to find the right one, another one, one that will last, or one that will be a blast, it’s helpful to know where you’re headed and who you should spend your time with so that you get your happily ever after. Don’t be through the looking glass with Alice, stuck with riddles and questions, let me tell you about your charming someone today!