Melissa Alfred

Love ,Relationship & Life guidance

Have been reading tarot & life readings for over 25 years helping folks prevail through the challenges they encounter.

I learned how to do life readings based on tarot work when I was a young teen. Throughout college, I studied psychology and sociology to help me better understand our motivations and life issues. I’ve been doing readings and life coaching since the mid-1990s and have a lot of practical life experience which helps me to guide others through challenges in life and relationships.
From being a single parent to struggling with Divorce and infidelity as well as many of the challenges that accompany daily living I can help others with them because I too have been there.

I feel that life is a blend of practical and spiritual growth. I don’t feel that one can exist without the other.

So we will talk while I do tarot layout in conjunction with numerology and zodiac and direct messages from spirit guides to launch our discussion on your life, and aspirations.

Working together with you , I will make every effort to help guide you through the challenges you’re encountering.