Beyond just being a beautiful state, West Virginia is an area deeply in touch with both its heritage and its ancestors. Almost heaven, something special, something magical is always what visitors to our state reflect on during their trips here. With an abundance of natural spaces and places to get away, is it any surprise that so many of our residents can find the space in their lives and their minds to get in touch with something deeper, something beyond ordinary life?

Over the years Master psychic tarot reader Aeson Knight has found that he is far from alone in the hills and valleys of West Virginia, and most certainly not as a tarot reader, spiritual guide, or healer.

Of the many secrets that these hills keep, are the abundance of wonderful readers, guides, and healers throughout the state. With unique gifts and journeys, Aeson has met some of the most amazing and talented people that West Virginia has to offer. West Virginia Psychics is a resource to help you connect with the best our state has to offer in terms of spiritual advice and guidance.

But more than that, West Virginia Psychics looks to not only introduce you to the best but also make sure you and a charitable cause can both benefit. Each quarter West Virginia Psychics hosts an online virtual psychic fair that splits the proceeds of this day between the reader and the cause.