Your Astrological Forecast for March 17-23

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Happy New Year…Again?!

The astrological new year is actually a historical fact. Coinciding with the Vernal Equinox and the Sun entering Aries, Spring has long been seen as the “real” beginning of the year, at least for astrologers and our ancestors. Rebirth, renewal, the return of life after a season of death, the wheel of the year rotates us back to where we start, again.

Did your New Year’s resolutions and intentions go awry? Consider this your opportunity to make a new start!

To maximize the potential of the astrological new year, individuals can start by reflecting on the past and acknowledging the lessons learned. Take stock of achievements, challenges, and personal growth from the previous year, using this self-awareness as a foundation for setting meaningful intentions. The energy of the astrological new year, since it is in the sig in the sign of Aries, is dynamic and assertive, making it an opportune time to identify personal goals and aspirations. Create a clear vision for the upcoming year, aligning ambitions with the transformative energy of this celestial transition.

Engaging in rituals or practices that resonate with the astrological themes of renewal and rebirth can enhance the experience of the astrological new year. This might involve meditation, visualization, or journaling to articulate intentions and release any lingering energy from the past. Embrace the spirit of initiative associated with Aries, and consider taking bold steps toward your goals. Whether it’s starting a new project, adopting healthier habits, or pursuing personal passions, the astrological new year provides a celestial backdrop to propel yourself into the next chapter of your life with purpose and determination. By attuning to the cosmic energies and aligning your intentions with the astrological currents, you can harness the transformative power of the new year to manifest positive change in your life.

Have a blessed week,

Your Astrological Forecast for March 17-23

March 17 — Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces

This expressive aspect allows us to get creative to tap into our emotional depths. It’s a great time to express your emotions in art, journaling, or just lose yourself in a daydream.

March 19 — Sun enters Aries / Spring Equinox / Astrological New Year / Ostara

Happy astrological New Year, everyone! As the sun enters fiery, passionate Aries, we are moving away from the cold Winter and planting the seeds of opportunity that grow and bloom over the spring. Be bold about what you want to bring forth this season!

March 21 — Sun in Aries sextile Pluto in Aquarius

We all have a need to succeed as this powerful aspect gives us the determination and purpose to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. Feel your personal power building up now!

March 21 — Venus in Pisces conjunct Saturn in Pisces

Some of us may feel a little lonely today as our fantasies of romance and companionship don’t match up to the cold reality. Take off your rose-colored glasses and see how things really are.

March 22 — Mars enters Pisces

We’re fighting shadows and our own inner demons over the next several weeks when Mars enters fanatical Pisces. While things seem calm on the outside, our internal struggles go to the core as we try to figure out who we really are and what we truly desire—not an easy quest.

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Aeson Knight a 3rd Degree High Priest and Clergy of Wicca in West Virginia is currently serving as H.P. of the Coven of the Crystal Owls in Oak Hill, and has served the community since early 2000.

Our WV Pagan of the Year for 2020, he is trained in two main traditions and is currently offering classes on many metaphysical and Wiccan subjects.
A Master Psychic, teacher, and a podcaster, he is also a member and award member of the West Virginia Tarot Association; a member of the Tarosophy Tarot Association; and listed on the Best Psychic Directory.

Additionally, he is a member of the Central West Virginia Pagan Pride Planning Committee, Co-Founder of the Psychic Coffee Shop Network (PCSPN) where he co-hosts shows with his partner Joseph Arrington of Mystic Computers.

PCSPN is home to shows such as: Psychic That Plans, The Psychic Coffee Shop, Coffee and Tea, and Mountain Bears.

A Certified Life Coach and Master Psychic with over 22 years of Spiritual Connections, he guides everyone from Housewives to Fellow Psychics.

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