Your Week Ahead Forecast April 15-21

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Distinguishing between obstacles and limitations versus limiting beliefs and self-imposed restrictions is crucial for personal growth and development. While obstacles and limitations may present genuine challenges, they can often be addressed through practical solutions and perseverance. However, limiting beliefs and self-imposed restrictions can be more insidious, as they can undermine self-confidence and prevent you from reaching your full potential. Recognizing and challenging these internal barriers is essential for “breaking free” and achieving personal and professional success. By cultivating self-awareness and adopting a growth mindset, you can overcome limiting beliefs and self-imposed restrictions, paving the way for greater fulfillment and accomplishment in life.

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Your Week Ahead Forecast April 15-21

Energy of the Week: Eight of Swords

This card often represents feeling trapped or restricted by one’s own thoughts or circumstances. It suggests a sense of powerlessness or being unable to see a way out of a challenging situation. However, it also reminds us that the restrictions depicted are often self-imposed, implying that there may be more options available than initially perceived. It encourages confronting fears, breaking free from limiting beliefs, and seeking solutions to overcome obstacles.

Focus of the Week: Two of Cups

The Two of Cups typically symbolizes harmony, connection, and partnership. It represents mutual respect, understanding, and emotional balance in relationships. This card often signifies the beginning of a significant emotional bond or the strengthening of an existing connection. It encourages open communication, cooperation, and a willingness to find common ground with others.

Lesson of the Week: Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords represents clarity, insight, and breakthroughs in understanding. It signifies a new beginning or a fresh perspective that cuts through confusion or uncertainty. This card often suggests a surge of mental clarity, inspiration, or a breakthrough in communication. It encourages embracing truth, honesty, and intellectual clarity in your thoughts and actions.

Aeson Says

The week begins with a sense of feeling trapped or restricted by your own thoughts or circumstances. You may encounter challenges that seem overwhelming or insurmountable, but remember that the limitations you perceive are often self-imposed. By mid-week, focus on building and nurturing harmonious relationships. This weekend, embrace clarity and insight. Trust in your ability to overcome challenges and approach situations with a clear and focused mind.

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Aeson Knight a 3rd Degree High Priest and Clergy of Wicca in West Virginia is currently serving as H.P. of the Coven of the Crystal Owls in Oak Hill, and has served the community since early 2000.

Our WV Pagan of the Year for 2020, he is trained in two main traditions and is currently offering classes on many metaphysical and Wiccan subjects.
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PCSPN is home to shows such as: Psychic That Plans, The Psychic Coffee Shop, Coffee and Tea, and Mountain Bears.

A Certified Life Coach and Master Psychic with over 22 years of Spiritual Connections, he guides everyone from Housewives to Fellow Psychics.

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